Reconnecting with our mind in 2018


How did Social Media impact us?

In 2017, I became aware that I am mostly addicted to the social media, so are most of my peers but it does not necessarily make the act of checking or engaging in my social media every other waking hour acceptable.

Social Media had become a boom thanks to the smarties like Mark Zuckerberg who created Facebook. It started with a good intention and created the valuable resource. Facebook aims to connect individuals closer to one another and to contribute first-hand raw information of different continents, lifestyle and world issues; it brought awareness and knowledge to individuals like myself.

While the use of social media had brought us unimaginable positive impacts on the way business, communities and the way connections and communications with our peers are redefined. It came with a price to pay. In fact, the more interactive social media becomes (e.g. the use of instastory) the higher tenancy to enter into a state of flow.

Why do we want Social Media?

As one enters a state of flow, we are oblivious to surroundings. Our mental state continues to be fully immersed in an activity with the continuous flow of entertainment for our brain. We might presume that if entertainment brings about happiness, even temporarily, we are willing to pursue it. However, the excessive engagement could potentially hurt our fundamental needs as we assume such characteristics: –

• Escapism
• Alteration of mood
• High level of mental occupation
• Neglecting personal relationships and life
• Conceal the addiction
• Lower level of tolerance

Reconnecting with our mind in 2018

Addiction is a habit and us, as the individual is empowered to change our habits that change our lives. What is better than to start afresh in 2018 and become more aware of the beautiful simple things in life? I am not saying we have to opt out of social media totally, but I definitely say use it sparingly.
According to Leo Babauta of zenhabits, we are able to create one new habit in the span of 4-6 weeks. A month ago, I bought his book called “The Habit Guide Ebook: Zen Habits’ Most Effective Habit Methods & Solutions”. The best highlights were:
• Habits start with 2 minutes a day.
• Don’t fill up your plate, just fulfil one habit at a time.
• Instead of trying to kick away an old habit, create a new habit of replacement.
• Intrinsic motivation is your sustainability advantage, use it.
• Knowing your resistance pattern, draft a plan and you will overcome it.
• Accountability.

For me, I am going to walk into 2018 waking up grateful and practice mindfulness, using my first 2 min to pay it forward for the great year I will be having and reconnect with the wonderful world! Cheers everybody!
PS: zenhabits do not accept affiliations or advertising and blah blah, this post is purely highlighting the blog for its super-duper good content. 

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