Grateful for 2017 : The Reverse Bucket List


Self Reflection in the last hour of 2017

Everything that I did at the end of 2017 was nothing I planned for at the end of 2016. It was much more amazing thanks to gratitude and God. The unbearable mental fight in the second half of 2017 led me on a journey of healing. I am thankful for all who stuck with me; my girlfriend, family and friends.

This post is therefore dedicated to my love ones helping me accomplish my bucket list.

What is a bucket list?

“Some experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.”

As a child, I had the idea that bucket list had to be incredibly adventurous, unique and one of a kind. With the passing of one of my best friend and my eldest Uncle this year, I have come to realise living is a beautiful experience itself that mankind behold, it is in the little things that one feel fulfilled within.

The bucket lists are therefore filled with simple things in life because Happiness lies in Simplicity.

2017 Reverse Bucket List

During our last fleeting moments of 2017 or walking into the start of 2018, I challenge everyone who is reading or read the blog to complete their reverse bucket list. Instead of writing what you would like to achieved the next year, lets recap the beautiful fleeting moments and breakthroughs we had in the past year. I will start with mine.

Jass, My Lover

She had been nothing but wonderful and loving, in accepting my flaws and supporting my goals. Through the two years, we have grown so close because we live together which means there is no where to hide and when problems occur, we fight it heads on but hand in hand. With you, I receive an emotional breakthrough from being passive aggressive to learning how to be compassionately assertive. Thank you letting me experience love.

My Supportive Family

The tough moments I go through, made me realise how much they love me. There are no words that could express my gratitude for my parents. The providence of a roof over my head, never having to worry about monetary issues, putting me through education and showering me with their love. My parents are growing older, and it’s sad that with this I realise how much I yield to be closer and needed more moments: both good and sad ones. For if there are no sad moments, then what is there to measure good moments? Thank you for giving me privilege. 

My Encouraging Friends

With the passing of one, it brought me closer to others. The realisation that life was too short but so simple. Instead of having large parties with many friends, I started listing down a few people who matter to me and others who cared about me. I made an effort to put in reminders to contact my friends, be it a message, phone call or meetups. I am not a brand new self in 2018, but I am growing, thanks guys for the solid effort to keep the friendshipThank you for being in my life and add on to my happiness and laughter year after year.


I am thankful for my body and my soul that never gave up on us. The heart that beats endlessly and tirelessly for the past 25 years. Thank you for fighting for us, I promise to be nicer to you for the rest of my life. In 2017, we learnt to be more compassionate and forgiving to self. Be good to yourself, show it more love, and it will reciprocate in ways you may not have imagined. Thank you for showing me that we could experience and accomplish more. 

Let me know your reverse bucket. I love stories, anything you like to share.



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