Change your Life, Practice Gratitude


Having Enough but Wanting More ?

When I was in secondary school, an English teacher said this to the class, “When you die you let go, your fist loosen. Have you realised babies always tighten their fist, wanting more? Why? It’s the human reaction to feel more secure and in control and how we were born to want more.”

In the same way, we entered our adulthood with our fist tightening and this insatiable craving for everything. Majority of us go through life wanting more. We add more to our basket than it could hold, try to find out which would fulfil our inner self the best, but fulfilment lies in our actions. Tony Robbin said it best, “Gratitude is the Solution to Anger and Fear.” Gratitude is the only way to form a positive perspective on Life.

Three Highlights to Gratitude

In this short journey of practising daily gratitude, I have realised some of the following elements that lead to a more fulfilling life.

  • Showing Empathy: The connection between one’s environment and inner self is essential. The act of understanding and feeling for someone else will help you to engage frequently with your own feelings.
  • Acceptance of Life: There is a reason why Buddha, Christ and many religious leaders are content with the littleness they own or nothing they hold. The one thing that they had in common was Acceptance.
  • Pluck up your Courage: Acceptance does not mean Complacency. Saying YES when you mean NO is not being nice. Have the courage to be yourself and to love to your fullest, knowing that life could be difficult but it is never awful. We might fail, but that’s alright brush your boots and carry on.

Love and Memories will Stay with You !

Remember one day, we will die, and we will disintegrate, yet the love and memories we leave behind will remain here on this earth we love. I choose to leave LOVE behind as much as I can. Choose wisely what you want to leave behind and let me know ! Maybe we want the same thing and could work towards developing it together.

Cheers to a Good Weekend

Amethyst x

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