Gratitude : You have a Choice !

(little basils are growing up so quickly!)

Good Morning World ! It’s a Beautiful Sunday here in Singapore.

This morning I had some luxury to practice yoga and my 3-min gratitude mediation (Goal for the Month). After that, I have my morning coffee with Jass, the love of my life in the comfort of our home as well as morning chat with our parents. I choose to focus on these simple things in life that are nothing but amazing.

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What is Gratitude?

Gratitude consists of two characteristics, (1) affirmations of goodness and (2) appreciation of values. 

Practicing Gratitude does not mean it will absorb my problems, it does not necessarily minimise it either. However, Gratitude changes my perspective from looking at the wrong sides of life to creating better moments by showing more empathy, acceptance and encouragement to self and others. I am privileged in most areas; there is no doubt. However, that does not make Gratitude easier or harder. I am sure you have seen people who are rich or popular or “successful” (success is subjective) but are miserable.

Because Gratitude is a Choice.

The Choice Lies Within Us

Life is not roses and rainbows, but we could choose to see the love and kindness in the little things, instead of looking at our overwhelming problems with an empty heart. The simple choice of facing our issues with acceptance and finding the tiniest objects to be grateful for will change our ball game. It starts with YOU.

How to Make a Better Choice?

Every morning, while I am commuting or having breakfast, I will pick three things/events/actions to be grateful. Make an effort to be happy and grateful, make moving forward in life with love a deliberate act. Every day I practice short meditation, thanking and showering myself with love and thankfulness. It is essential to understand that loving yourself is core. The saying goes “love yourself before you love others”. 

On this Sunday morning,  I would like to send out my love and be grateful for this three things:

  1. Time to reconnect my mind and awaken my body:  through Yoga and Meditation

  2. The ability to laugh and give joy: connecting with my love ones

  3. The abundance comfort: having been given a home, a bed and a safe place to wake up every day.

Gratitude is a practice, the more you do it, the easier it gets. Pretty much the same for everything else in life. Practice makes Perfect. What are the three things that you are grateful for as you get out of bed?

Cheers to a Grateful Day !

Amethyst x


Earth Brush is a journey to experience a better self with deeper values and connections. We hope to create a community that continuous explore, grow and learn from each other to live a more fulfilled life.

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