5 Step to “Adulting” in 2018

What is “Adulting”?

The practice of behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially the accomplishment of mundane but necessary tasks.

Why “Adulting”?

If we look upon ourselves as an organisation as mentioned in Ray Dalio’s book called The Principles (I highly recommend it), we will understand that our top management needs to set goals and objectives that strategically allows our lower management to stay motivated and focus. It is the course of becoming effective and efficient, which is the underlying effects of success.

My goal for 2018 is inspired by the idea of adulting.

At 25, I feel that the lack of discipline had resulted in lack of control over my life. Therefore in 2018, I would like to train my mind (upper management) to strategically curate plans that encourage my body and emotions (lower management) to stay motivated and focus on “Adulting”.

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How to achieve “Adulting”?

Recently, I have watched a Wongfu Video on “How I became an Adult?”.

It sums up the following steps:

  • Step 1: Decide to move forward with your Life and stick to it.Stop staying complacent and believe in yourself, set goals.
  • Step 2 Control Your FinanceMoney is not everything, but most things require money.
  • Step 3 Finding a Career that makes an impactOr in some cases, stop complaining about your job, change your perspective.
    • Create what matters to you, move towards your goal.
  • Step 4 Take time to invest in yourselfSelf-image: Looking and feeling good contributes to living up to your standards. Learn how to market yourself, because that is your branding.
    • Living a Healthy Lifestyle: Mind = Body. Your body is just as important as your mind. Start learning about eating clean and knowing the exercise that suits your body.
    • Educate yourself: If CEOs reads a minimum of 24 books a year, you need to read even more. The worse thing in life is when someone that is more successful than you are working harder than you for the same dream.
  • Step 5 Managing your time for the people whom you valueWith everything going on, you need to set up a schedule for your family and friends, for the people who matter and contribute to your happiness.

You are the average of the five-person that you spent most of your time. YES, choose wisely who you decide to keep in your life. The choice is made by you, be conscious and take accountability for how you want your life to be. Your friends should earn themselves into your life. In the same respect, you need to work to earn your credit into their life by developing yourself and becoming a responsible being.

My Call to Action

In every day of 2018, I choose to keep the most meaningful people who push me forward and those whom I value and inspire to be. They would hold me accountable for my top five goals in 2018.

  1. Learning about insurance, retirement and investments for my finances.
  2. Sustaining my morning routine and wake up at 5 am every morning at the end of 2018.
  3. Committed to becoming a weekday Vegetarian.
  4. Reading at least 24 books in 2018.
  5. Managing and planning my time effectively in 2018.

Looking at this goals, I am excited to wake up tomorrow. Live your life with a purpose, be excited to get out of bed everyday!

Amethyst x


Earth Brush is a journey to experience a better self with deeper values and connections. We hope to create a community that continuous explore, grow and learn from each other to live a more fulfilled life.

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